Sep 282011

The above sums up the situation in a way that should be easy to understand for anyone.

The entire illusion of government rides on enforcing a contract that was written by the enforcers and never explicitly agreed to by anyone.  Contract is defined as:

An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.

That doesn’t mean that Joe and Bob can make an agreement to rob Frank, however that’s exactly what government does every day.

Sep 212011

The U.S. Government has in the past used vaccination as a means of experimenting on people without their consent.  Vaccinations were just one of the means, an excellent list appears on  And here’s the apology for one of these incidents, 60 years later!  Mighty fucking magnanimous of them.  And of course there’s the Tuskagee experiments.

Oh but that was all so long ago, nobody would do that now (I can imagine people saying).  Well, the gubmint may not do it directly, but the pharma industry doesn’t have any problem getting a bill passed in California (not yet signed so there is still hope) that allows children 12 and older to get vaccinations without parental consent or knowledge.  How hard is it to manipulate a 12 year old into doing pretty much anything?  How long until school nurses are guilting girls into accepting Gardasil and Cervarix?  I suspect the idiot in charge will sign it, I just hope parents educate their children on this issue… okay not likely.

Next time you see someone pimping vaccinations, think about what might be in there and what ‘our’ government and the pharmaceutical industry are capable of.

Update 07/31/2013: Japan no longer promotes HPV vaccine according to the Tokyo Times

Sep 202011

With healthcare costs rising companies are trying to mitigate the costs as much as possible.  Where there’s despair their is someone selling snake oil, and these wellness programs are no exception.  In my case the ‘wellness’ program revolves around fishing for drug sales (likely looking to sell statins and blood pressure meds as that’s a big profit industry) and spouting bullshit nutrition information.  The most recent ‘newsletter’ makes the claim that dietary cholesterol has a relation to blood cholesterol, which is complete rubbish as has been proven over and over and over..

Laurie Ruettimann said it best

For millions of dollars and no demonstrated ROI whatsoever, marketing professionals and charlatans across our country have convinced otherwise-successful companies that we can put an end to rising healthcare costs by focusing on chubby employees who eat too many doughnuts.

These programs seem to be trying to turn employers into adult day care centers.  Frankly it’s none of my employers business what I eat or how much exercise I get.

The only beneficiaries of this are the pharmaceutical companies and health insurers who get to shift costs/blame to the employees.

The only proper solution is to get employers out of the health insurance business.  I could get health insurance for a lot less on the open market (1/3 the cost last I checked) however because my employer doesn’t offer anything if I refuse their insurance I stick with it because it’s cheaper for me (but not cheaper overall).

Employer provided health insurance is a stupid idea that hoodwinks idiots into thinking they are saving money.

Sep 162011

The vehicle registration ‘scheme’ that some states use has the consequence of depressing new car sales and keeping older gas guzzling vehicles on the road much longer.

Take for example Nevada where they start with your vehicle MSRP (not what you really purchased it for, so the ‘value’ is already bloated) then depreciate that over the course of 9 years.   So the more expensive the car the more taxes they take, that’s of course over and above sales taxes and taxes on all the other economic activity surrounding that vehicle sale.  And they’ll keep taking that extra cut forever as the depreciation bottoms out such that any vehicle worth $8000 or more will never hit the minimum ‘Governmental Services Tax’.

Why would you bother buying a new car when you’re going to get hit for 1000’s of dollars in extra costs over the next few years?  If it’s an expensive car you can expect to pay a lot more for the privilege.

We as people need to start asking why.  What justifies vehicle registration fees based on the value of the vehicle?  Do newer cars cause more wear on the roads?  The answer to that is a resounding no. Cars have been getting lighter and lighter which would be a primary road wear indicator.  Basing registration on vehicle weight at least has some logical merit, basing it in MSRP only makes sense if the purpose is to punish the productive people in society.

Many states seem to manage fine with flat rates, even better would no registration and no government run roads.  However the various state/city whatever governments drove out the private road concept a long time ago as there’s nothing authorities hate more than competition.

Sep 142011’t-exist/

Read the above story for the entire thing.

The ‘reasoning’ they used to justify this is insane:

lack of a law regulating a business constitutes operating in violation of a law

You might want to re-read that one.   I guess in Austin everything that’s not regulated is illegal….er….hurr durrr..

How many logical fallacies would you suppose this has?

Sep 132011

Say you pay some company to come out and put new siding on your house.  Many of these businesses immediately jump to the conclusion that you agreed to have a billboard plonked down in your front yard, some do not however as best I can tell most do.

Or you buy a new car and find that the rear end has a bloody sticker (or worse gaudy 3-d stick on lettering) advertising the company that sold you a car.

Who the hell do they think they are?

The problem here is the ‘consumer’.  Sadly people accept these things as ‘normal’, but why?  Because by and large consumers are complacent lazy sheep, it’s that simple.  People need to start telling these businesses to stop vandalizing their new cars and littering front lawns.

Sep 122011

In a rather lengthy post Tom Naughton over at posted a detailed look at what a particular preschool is feeding kids according to one of his readers (Andrea).

No surprise there, here’s the summary:

  • 7-8am children arrive.  According to 18 children, breakfast was tons of starch and sugar maybe with some skim milk or juice.
  • 9am skim milk and sugar cookies
  • Noon, skim milk, tater tots, canned peaches in heavy syrup and white bread sandwich with “cheese” and a slice of bologna
  • After nap time (no time mentioned) snack of fruit juice, crackers and cupcakes.
  • then hilarity ensues with playtime.

Read the entire account in the beginning of a long ‘catch up’ post here.