Oct 262011

What exactly does the OWS movement stand for?  Judging by the signs and slogans it’s a bunch of hipster and hippy socialist whiners trying to get free handouts from the productive members of society.  Whether in the form of ‘universal health care’ or raising the minimum wage it all boils down to the same thing.

If these people had any balls and wanted real change, they would be occupying law enforcement offices as that is the root of the problem.  Without a bunch of thugs to do violence on the part of the political elite, laws would mean nothing and we could get back to living.

Oct 112011

99% of mail administrators accept notification of abuse (spammers or the like) to abuse@<domain> and respond accordingly.  Not so Yahoo anymore:

Thank you for your email, but this address now only accepts messages in Abuse Reporting Format.

To report spam, please use this form:



Fuck you Yahoo, you can simply go fuck yourself.  I try to help out and alert Yahoo to a spammer using their email services and they want me to go through hoops to report it?  I’ll say it again, fuck you Yahoo you can choke on the SPAM you are not aiding and abetting.

Oct 072011

Ask yourself why the government and various industries are so pushy about it, slipping this into a simple checkbox on a drivers license application in many cases.

It’s because organ and tissue donation is a billion dollar industry and many are making millions on donated body parts.


The Billion-Dollar Body Parts Industry


How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?

I’m sure there’s more.

Oct 052011

We have a saying in software development, “Critical Kludge Factor”.. That’s when your software has been around for a while, patched up repeatedly for external changes and new features.. and has become a pretty big mess that it no longer makes sense to keep patching up but rather time to start over.

All Government’s of the world, from the HOA’s to the Fed have been at that state for decades.

livefreeretiree says it best in History’s Most Elaborate Ad Hoc Hypothesis

Also note the similarity to the “anthropogenic climate change” hypothesis.

Oct 042011
  1. Self Ownership.  I own me, you own you.  We believe organized societies are not only possible but would work better without forcing our own will onto others.
  2. If you can’t beat them don’t feed them.  This boils down to contributing as little as possible to the enslavement of yourself and others. Some may go as far as living cheap and bartering everything or refusing to pay taxes, but if we simply started *not supporting* the “government” by not voting and not supporting government laws, programs and institutions and being vocal about why, we think there could be great progress.
  3. Limit professional and social interaction with the slave drivers.  This includes anyone that works in any capacity for any government agency.  This one may be hard to follow, however note that it says ‘Limit’ not cut off.  In many cases it may be beneficial to introduce government workers to ideas they would not otherwise be exposed to.

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