Oct 042011
  1. Self Ownership.  I own me, you own you.  We believe organized societies are not only possible but would work better without forcing our own will onto others.
  2. If you can’t beat them don’t feed them.  This boils down to contributing as little as possible to the enslavement of yourself and others. Some may go as far as living cheap and bartering everything or refusing to pay taxes, but if we simply started *not supporting* the “government” by not voting and not supporting government laws, programs and institutions and being vocal about why, we think there could be great progress.
  3. Limit professional and social interaction with the slave drivers.  This includes anyone that works in any capacity for any government agency.  This one may be hard to follow, however note that it says ‘Limit’ not cut off.  In many cases it may be beneficial to introduce government workers to ideas they would not otherwise be exposed to.

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