Jun 292012


I’d like to counter that it never had a serious chance.  Their goal is laudable, however attempting to box up inherently complicated software into something that your average end users can handle is just not feasible at this time.  Threats are constantly evolving, websites constantly changing.  This is like trying to hit billions of moving targets at the same time.. good luck with that.
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Jun 142012

The City of Green Ohio is celebrating 20 years holding slaves by having a spiffy event so that the slaves can kiss their masters collective asses.  “FreedomFest” is what they call it.

This event will be held at a place built with slave labor (“public” park),  paid for by the money extorted from the people who happen to live in the geographic area the City claims to own.

The sheep will attend, completely oblivious to the irony of the situation.  The public education system has done a fine job.. a fine fine job.