Jul 122012

Far too often I see advice/questions from novices that doesn’t get the point of security.   How do I protect from ‘X’ for example.  Security isn’t about protection from any particular threat, if you go down that path you’ll end up playing a game of whack-a-mole for the rest of your life.  In this post I will try to describe the important layers of internet connected computer security for the fairly advanced techy user (corporate users have additional needs/tools) and try to explain the purpose of each. Continue reading »

Jul 122012

There are tons and tons of vacuous reasons people give for hating Walmart.   I was going to go over all the reasons the anti wally world people provide and debunk them all.  However half way through the list I realized that every last one of the reasons I can find were obvious bullshit made up by unions and union supporters.

Unions are the worst possible blight, they perform no useful function and exists solely to further the unions own purposed.  They steal money from ‘members’  and then use that money to lobby the government for further handouts for the benefit of the union.  The worst are the public employee unions, they take taxpayer dollars and the use them to lobby the government and screw up what little democratic process remains all the while defending this by claiming they have a first amendment right.  Sorry, rights are for people.. not collectives…

Jul 102012

There’s all sorts of chatter between various ‘flavours’ of anarchism…  anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-communism..etc..

I think this explains it well: http://alexpeak.com/ww/2009/017.html

My personal preference is just that, I see no reason to define myself by it or try to associate only with others that support the same preference.  It’s almost as if the statists made these distinctions to fragment anarchists into groups that are easier to manipulate.

Jul 032012

While trying to access a website from an link posted on facebook, I found my browser being redirected by a 302 to a site that in turn redirects to what is most likely an ad impression fraud site.  What was odd was that pasting the URL into a browser worked fine.  It turned out that the code on the server was only redirecting if the referrer contained facebook.com.

At first I thought it was just to obfuscate and make it harder for your average person to figure out the problem, however I realized later that this was a means to avoid being detected by the dozens of systems out there that look for this type of thing. However that doesn’t seem to work terribly well.  Websense already has the site listed as potentially dangerous.

Some people should not be trying to run websites.  Hosting companies make it look easy, however it’s only easy if you don’t care about doing the job right.