Apr 182013

I ran more numbers as I was curious how bad the deal Reno struck with Waste Management was.  Turns our they are screwing customers with a huge rate increase, in one case over 566%!  They do this by playing shell games and making things confusing for their customers.

For the purposes of this article I’m ignoring recycling, it’s only a minor side issue and irrelevant to this.

The current schemes are:

  1. 96-gallon can (we provide) Plus up to 7 extra 32-gallon cans/bags $14.72 per month
  2. One 32-gallon can (customer provided) Plus up to 6 extra 32-gallon cans/bags $12.02 per month

The new scheme allows for the following, note the deletion of provide your own bins.. you are not required to garbage up your property with WM’s bins:

  1. 1 35 gallon bin – $13.85
  2. 1 35 gallon bin – $14.28 – larger recycling bin is all you get at this tier
  3. 1 64 gallon bin – $15.33
  4. 1 96 gallon bin – $16.97

On the face of it this seems like a small increase, however when you factor in the previous deal allowed you to put out several extra 32-gallon cans/bags things look much worse.   Comparing the bottom two ‘services’ shows that currently you can dispose of 970 gallons of waste per month, the lowest new plan allows 151 gallons per month.  Even factoring in the ‘stickers’ they ‘give’ you (20 per year) you would have to purchase 24 stickers per MONTH at $2.25 each to get the same level of “service” you currently have.  That adds up to $814.20 a year, vs. $144.24.

This is what you get with “services” at the point of a gun, you have no choices at all.  There already is a relatively free market in commercial garbage collection, there’s no reason that cannot exist in residential garbage collection.

Oh yeah, because Fuck You..we’re the Government and you’re the flock to be fleeced.

Apr 102013

I ran into one of these ‘sovereign citizens’ decades ago in Westlake Village, CA.  He walked up to me at a gas station and said “You know you don’t have to have a drivers license”.  I said something dismissive and went about my business.

Seems now there’s a team of yahoos making money teaching law enforcement how to ‘deal’ with these types: http://articles.latimes.com/2013/apr/05/nation/la-na-sovereigns-20130406

The cases they cite in the article are a simple matter of self defense from a gang of costumed thugs carrying out an armed assault in an effort to take away their freedom.   If you stop for a minute and think things through you’ll see that the ‘law enforcement’ officials are escalating the situation to the point of having to murder someone.  For what?  Because they refuses to pay taxes?  Killing that person isn’t going to get the taxes paid, I suppose they can seize their assets but often they don’t have much or any.  In the long run taking a persons life for failure to pay taxes is counterproductive, they do pay taxes (sales, gas and real estate via rent generally) and now the taxes they would have paid are gone forever.  For what?

The entire point of murdering these people is to cow the citizens into compliance.   It has nothing to do with ‘law and order’ and everything to do with enforcing the status quo and promoting their authority.  The fact remains that the only authority they have is that which people willingly give, maybe some day ‘we the people’ will take that back and take control of our own lives again.

When you hear of things like this, stop and think about who escalated the situation.  Ignore the nutty ideas they may have about ‘secret treasury accounts’ it’s irrelevant, you are free to hold whatever beliefs you choose.   When you get down to the facts you will find that it’s the government thugs pushing the situation to the point of murder, perhaps because they’re all psychopaths.

There’s a simple non-violent solution, let anyone who doesn’t want to participate do so.   However if you’ve ever run into a bully (and who hasn’t) you’ll understand why they can’t let these people be.

Apr 082013

Bunch of babies in a local development whining for more..  http://www.rgj.com/article/20130408/NEWS/304080018

I find this article amusing on a variety of fronts.  First off they are protesting.  Protesting what?  Their own stupidity? They signed up for this when purchasing a house, the rules are clearly spelled out in the covenants.

The article goes on to talk about the builders respecting homeowners ‘freedom of speech’.  Uh, what freedom of speech?  You purchase a house on property subject to the rules that the HOA decides, if they decide that you have no ‘right’ to free speech you agreed to that when you purchased the house.  End of story.

The way the presstitute Reno Gazette Journal reports this is reads like a protest, it is not.  Protesting requires some grounds to protest on, these homeowners entered into a contract with the builders and the HOA.  That contract spells out the available recourse, I’m pretty sure protesting doesn’t really apply here.  Do you protest the rate you pay on your cellphone???  How about protesting in front of a car dealership that you don’t like the color of the vehicle you purchased?

Good luck with your ‘protest’ idiots who purchased home in Dell Webb Sierra Canyon.  You got what you paid for and are now getting what you deserve.  You invited another level of bureaucracy into your lives for what?