Aug 162013

The Nevada State DMV website password requirements are ridiculous:

  • Password must be exactly 8 characters in length
  • Password must contain at least one letter (any position)
  • Password must contain at least one number (any position)
  • Password must contain one of the following special characters: @ # $
  • Password is not case sensitive

They also include a password strength meter, which is hilarious.  Not even case sensitive, I’m not sure how much lamer this could be…

Aug 142013

Medical ‘insurance’ companies are partnering with various third parties to try and force people (via cost incentives) into excessive testing and gathering invalid metrics (BMI for example).  As best I can tell this crap popped up about the time that HSA’s were gaining traction.  These businesses want your HSA dollars, and they’ll lie to get it.

For more on excessive testing:

  • – this one is having problems, here’s the Wikipedia page for Choosing Wisely:

And that’s just the start.  As soon as the average joe started taking control of their healthcare (via high deductible insurance and HSA’s)  spending went down, for obvious reasons.  The industry can’t abide that and Human Resource departments are completely ignorant and easy to manipulate into pushing this agenda on employees.

As my employer contributes $2500 a year to my HSA account, my ‘portion’ of the pre-paid medical (it’s not health insurance by any stretch of the term) is about $1900 that leaves me an extra $600 a year.  When this starts costing me money I’ll get my own insurance at roughly 10% of the total cost (employer pays a huge portion), which is trivial when you get real health insurance that just covers insurable events.

Selling pre-paid medical to businesses who then tout that as ’employee benefits’ is a huge cash cow that I’d rather not participate in… however if they’re going to bribe me..why not.

Aug 012013

From an article in the Reno Gazette Journal:

A 70-year-old man, whose name is not being released, was not injured after a traffic accident on Longley and McCarran Saturday morning, according to Reno Police Lt. Amy Newman.

The accident happened around approximately 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Police are reporting that no alcohol was involved. Although the scene appeared to have two cars involved in the accident, RPD is reporting it was a single vehicle rollover.

The driver was not wearing his seat belt and police said they’re surprised he had no injuries.

Any sane person knows that government mandates for safety/health.. or really anything are pointless crap.   This is the first time I’ve seen anyone working for the gubmint admit it.  Usually they would either ignore the lack of ‘safety belt’ use or imply that he received injuries from not using it.