Sep 032013

The local press-release repeater the Reno Gazette Journal posted an article titled: “Authorities release photo of woman they are trying to find; she may be in the Reno or Carson City areas”

The article goes on to provide whatever was in the press release:

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office asks for the public’s help in finding a woman believed to be in the Reno or Carson City area.

Kayla Denboer, 21, was last seen by her family at Everybody’s Inn Motel in Reno, the sheriff’s office said. The family has not heard from her since May and reported her missing July 22, the sheriff’s office said. The sheriff’s office does not believe foul play is involved.

The sheriff’s office described her as 5 feet tall, 100 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair.

Anyone with information about her is asked to call Investigator Ed Garren at…<phone number removed>.

To this I say, FUCK YOU.  This person is 21 years old and the government has no business trying to ‘find’ her.  Perhaps she doesn’t want to be found?  They don’t believe foul play is involved so they should simply fuck off.

If you see Kayla around, DO NOT NOTIFY THE FUCKING POLICE!  If she wants to be found she’ll be found, if not then that’s her choice.  Maybe she’s gay and her family is trying to do some stupid ‘intervention’ or reprogramming?  Maybe she’s running from an abusive boyfriend?  Only Kayla knows and it’s nobody else’s business!