Jun 062014

NDOW has a new tax for your boats..  and it requires displaying a sticker affixed to the vessel.  Check this bit of bullshit:

The AIS decal requirement was established to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic species threatening Nevada’s waterways.

Decals don’t really do anything of the sort, although I guess if you stuck a bunch together it might provide some sort of physical barrier.  They go on to claim the money is to ‘support enforcement and inspections’.

Now, how is one going to affix that sticker to an inflatable kayak that has a fabric cover (all good ones do)?  Their own PDF showing where to place the decal shows an Advanced Element kayak (probably stole the image from AE) which has a canvas like fabric cover that’s also coated for water resistance, UV protection, etc.  There’s no way a sticker will stick on that.   They specifically state that rubber craft “May place on a plate”, however they make no such statement for any other type of craft.

In short if you have an inflatable kayak don’t come to Nevada and expect to put in..  We’ll be doing our kayaking in California where we can do so safely without worrying about it… and we’ll spend our money there as well…