Sep 112014

Say you were to accidentally send 2 payments, the logical thing to do (unless you like letting utilities have the use of your cash) is to stop payment on one of the checks.  If you do that TMWA will try to charge you $35 even when your balance is $0!  So you owe them nothing, yet they try to cash a check and it comes back stop payment.. and they want to ‘fine’ you for that?

After talking with customer service they removed the charge “as a courtesy” and then explained that if I had called in and told them a check was coming in that would not clear I never would have been ‘assessed’ this ‘fee’.  Susan explained that they would have tried to cash the check, it would have come back ‘stop payment’ and the note in my account would have kept it from being sent to the collection department..

In other words the fee is completely unnecessary and simply an attempt at a money grab.  IF this fee were directly tied to collection activity, it would make sense.. however they just tack it on and try to get you to pay it.  This is reprehensible behavior from a government forced monopoly.