Apr 232015

A while back I decided to get Coach-net so we’d have easy access to roadside assistance while towing our trailer..  When you join online you get this list of options:


I chose basic, the list of features was good enough for me.. didn’t want all the fluff in premier.  So a week or so ago I got an email saying I could save $10 by renewing early.  I figured sure, why not.. Imagine my surprise when this shows up on the renewal page:


Notice anything unusual?  Nowhere on their website or in the membership materials does it state exactly what ‘gold’ membership is.. as far as anything else is concerned that doesn’t exist.  When I tried contacting them to find out how to renew my Basic membership I got a phone call a week later asking me to call back to discuss my membership options.

I don’t need to discuss options.. I know what I want.  I could save money by simply letting membership elapse and then starting again.. even after the $10 ‘one time’ processing feel.  Much easier still, I’ll just let it expire and not renew.  I’ll got to Good Sams Club if I want roadside assistance.

EDIT: when I asked one more time to explain why I couldn’t renew my Basic membership, I instead received a comparison of Gold and Premier plans..  Gold is pretty much basic but $20 more per year, so they’re doing  the classic ‘introductory offer’ or a bait and switch if you prefer.  Coach-Net can stuff this.