Oct 222015

We have an old mattress, figured I’d see if we can dump it at the transfer station as part of our mandated 4 ‘standard puckup truck’ loads per year.  Easy question, first off does the transfer station accept them, so I asked:

Does the transfer station on Commercial row (Refuse, Inc. – Sage Street Transfer Station) accept mattresses and boxsprings? Thanks.

WM Response

Yes they do accept those items. They are chargeable please contact then as to how much they will cost.

I replied:

As a City of Reno customer I can dispose of one standard pickup truck load 4 times per year.  By “Chargeable” do you mean this isn’t included in the “standard pickup truck load”?

WM Response

Thank you for contacting Waste Management. I would really like to help you but those questions can only be answered by the transfer station. I would give them a call to have your questions answered the best way possible.

Oh really?  I responded:

That doesn’t make any sense.  According to the City of Reno their agreement with WM allows:

“City of Reno customers can dispose of one standard pickup truck load of waste four times a year. Customers must show recent trash bill or have identification that matches the service address on their bill and be current in their payments to use this service.”

Either a mattress is ‘waste’ for the purposes of the above or not.

Perhaps you should refer me to your legal department, I’m certainly not going to rely on calling someone at the transfer station as an authoritative answer.

WM Response, finally I get a straight answer:

I do apologize for the inconvenience and frustration. After further research I discovered that you can in fact dump a mattress there for no cost of your own.

There is no sane reality where the above exchange happens.  Only a “business” that operates by using government force to keep customers does shitty ‘service’ like the above not result in bankruptcy.


EDIT: I got a survey request the next day, oh yeah I’ll take your survey.  The most ridiculous questions came as the end, ‘would you recommend WM to friends’…. and the final question ‘how likely are you to continue doing business with WM’..  er.. MONOPOLY… DOH..  I added a lot of comments though…  they’ll fall on deaf ears but at least I tried.