Dec 072015

Reno Gazette Journal is gushing about AT&T GigaPower and of course not reporting on anything that would reflect badly on AT&T.  For starters the only pricing they talk about is bundled with other services, according to ArsTechnica

AT&T generally charges $110 a month for Internet-only gigabit service, with a lower price of $70 in cities where it has to compete against Google Fiber. Both of those prices require customers to opt into “Internet Preferences,” which gives AT&T permission to examine each customer’s Web traffic in order to serve personalized ads

So you have to agree to let them spy on you?  What happens if you want to use TOR?  Do they ban you? AT&T is also notorious for data caps and the upload speed is terribly by many accounts.

If you’re going to report you should report ALL of the facts, not just read a press release…  Pretty much what I expect these days anyway.