Jan 112016

Continued from Part I

New tank arrived today, appears to be in good shape.  I was pleased to find that the outlet already had an adapter attached so that I can connect directly to 3″ ABS pipe.  Note the slight difference in size, tank on the left is also approximately 2″ deeper.  The added depth isn’t a problem as prior to this upgrade I flipped the axles to underslung which increased ground clearance by about 4.5″, lots of articles on that so not posting one here.


You can see from the huge length of plumbing for the dump that there’s a bit of extra space under the trailer.  My plan at this point is to center the tank (old tank was offset to door side) and use the straight section of pipe from the old tank.  This should result in a straight shot for dumping.  The existing valve assembly has the gray tank coming in at a 90 degree angle already so I should be able to just extend the gray dump to the new valve location and be done.

I crawled under the trailer with the tank to verify fitment, plenty of space.  There are a few things I’m going to have to re-position, some wiring that’s attached inside the frame rail will be moved to outside (hidden behind the bumper) and I may have to redo the gas line for the water heater.

It’s still fairly cold out here, I’ll work on preparing the underside of the trailer at a leisurely pace.  Once I can position the tank temporarily I’ll be able to start figuring out all the details, final position, plumbing, etc.

Proceed to part 3.

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