Jan 222018

The most recent proposed regulations state:

Sec. 145. Before a marijuana establishment agent sells marijuana or marijuana products to a consumer, the marijuana establishment agent shall:
1. Verify the age of the consumer by checking a government-issued identification card containing a photograph of the consumer using an identification scanner approved by the Department to determine the validity of any government-issued identification card;

NRS 453D.200 5(a):

5. To ensure that individual privacy is protected:
(b)A retail marijuana store must not be required to acquire and record personal information about consumers other than information typically acquired in a financial transaction conducted at a retail liquor store.

They are requiring that retail marijuana store scan ID’s using a device ‘approved by the Department’.  No such requirement exists for retain liquor sales.  Clearly an overreach.  Perhaps the NV Department of Taxation doesn’t understand what the word ‘acquire’ means? Taking an ID from a customer and scanning in a device is acquiring personal information. These devices cannot function without recording that information in internal memory at best, at worst they’ll push it to a third party host for processing…

So far the Department has made no list of approved devices available to the public, however I can say from experience that these devices will be very insecure and many on the market transmit your personal information to a third party for processing.

The regulations go on to detail their plans for manipulating the market prices, as if you can overrule the law of supply and demand with legislation.  The black market will continue to thrive with these asshats in power.

Just wait until they roll out these same regulations for liquor, I suspect that will be the only response they can make when called on this.

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