Mar 292017

As noted here it’s likely that if not already, soon not only will you be paying exorbitant monopoly rates for internet access, the ISP will also sell your web browsing history.

There are many ways you can protect yourself, TOR comes to mind however the performance trade offs are often not worth it.  Personally I block java/javascript, cookies, 40,000 or so domains, ads, tracking sites AND often pipe traffic through Privoxy and TOR.   These tactics assure that my ISP is not getting a complete picture.   However all of this is a hassle, so my wife/guests/etc are not likely to put up with it.

There’s another option, fill their database with so much garbage that it’s useless.  This will not defend against ISP’s selling your data, however if enough people shovel enough shit into the system the buyers will eventually realize the data is useless and stop buying.

Introducing Obfuscatron GIGO this is a start.  I would love to see more people create more systems like this, run them all!  Fill their databases with garbage that is indistinguishable from real data!

If there’s enough interest I’ll keep enhancing this.  One idea I have is to provide a list of Zip codes for the U.S. and allow URL’s in the ‘seeds.txt’ list to contain place holders like %ZIP% that the system replaces with a random zip code..  May be useful for weather and travel sites.

If you have any questions/concerns or would like source code, leave a comment here.

NOTE: this works best if you have a computer that’s on 24×7.  If your computer goes to sleep, so will this.  It’s likely still helpful, just a bit less due to leaking your PC active hours (that may reveal when you work, got to school, come home, etc).

Jun 142012

The City of Green Ohio is celebrating 20 years holding slaves by having a spiffy event so that the slaves can kiss their masters collective asses.  “FreedomFest” is what they call it.

This event will be held at a place built with slave labor (“public” park),  paid for by the money extorted from the people who happen to live in the geographic area the City claims to own.

The sheep will attend, completely oblivious to the irony of the situation.  The public education system has done a fine job.. a fine fine job.

Oct 112011

99% of mail administrators accept notification of abuse (spammers or the like) to abuse@<domain> and respond accordingly.  Not so Yahoo anymore:

Thank you for your email, but this address now only accepts messages in Abuse Reporting Format.

To report spam, please use this form:


Fuck you Yahoo, you can simply go fuck yourself.  I try to help out and alert Yahoo to a spammer using their email services and they want me to go through hoops to report it?  I’ll say it again, fuck you Yahoo you can choke on the SPAM you are not aiding and abetting.

Oct 072011

Ask yourself why the government and various industries are so pushy about it, slipping this into a simple checkbox on a drivers license application in many cases.

It’s because organ and tissue donation is a billion dollar industry and many are making millions on donated body parts.


The Billion-Dollar Body Parts Industry


How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?

I’m sure there’s more.

Sep 132011

Say you pay some company to come out and put new siding on your house.  Many of these businesses immediately jump to the conclusion that you agreed to have a billboard plonked down in your front yard, some do not however as best I can tell most do.

Or you buy a new car and find that the rear end has a bloody sticker (or worse gaudy 3-d stick on lettering) advertising the company that sold you a car.

Who the hell do they think they are?

The problem here is the ‘consumer’.  Sadly people accept these things as ‘normal’, but why?  Because by and large consumers are complacent lazy sheep, it’s that simple.  People need to start telling these businesses to stop vandalizing their new cars and littering front lawns.