Sep 202011

With healthcare costs rising companies are trying to mitigate the costs as much as possible.  Where there’s despair their is someone selling snake oil, and these wellness programs are no exception.  In my case the ‘wellness’ program revolves around fishing for drug sales (likely looking to sell statins and blood pressure meds as that’s a big profit industry) and spouting bullshit nutrition information.  The most recent ‘newsletter’ makes the claim that dietary cholesterol has a relation to blood cholesterol, which is complete rubbish as has been proven over and over and over..

Laurie Ruettimann said it best

For millions of dollars and no demonstrated ROI whatsoever, marketing professionals and charlatans across our country have convinced otherwise-successful companies that we can put an end to rising healthcare costs by focusing on chubby employees who eat too many doughnuts.

These programs seem to be trying to turn employers into adult day care centers.  Frankly it’s none of my employers business what I eat or how much exercise I get.

The only beneficiaries of this are the pharmaceutical companies and health insurers who get to shift costs/blame to the employees.

The only proper solution is to get employers out of the health insurance business.  I could get health insurance for a lot less on the open market (1/3 the cost last I checked) however because my employer doesn’t offer anything if I refuse their insurance I stick with it because it’s cheaper for me (but not cheaper overall).

Employer provided health insurance is a stupid idea that hoodwinks idiots into thinking they are saving money.