Sep 212011

The U.S. Government has in the past used vaccination as a means of experimenting on people without their consent.  Vaccinations were just one of the means, an excellent list appears on  And here’s the apology for one of these incidents, 60 years later!  Mighty fucking magnanimous of them.  And of course there’s the Tuskagee experiments.

Oh but that was all so long ago, nobody would do that now (I can imagine people saying).  Well, the gubmint may not do it directly, but the pharma industry doesn’t have any problem getting a bill passed in California (not yet signed so there is still hope) that allows children 12 and older to get vaccinations without parental consent or knowledge.  How hard is it to manipulate a 12 year old into doing pretty much anything?  How long until school nurses are guilting girls into accepting Gardasil and Cervarix?  I suspect the idiot in charge will sign it, I just hope parents educate their children on this issue… okay not likely.

Next time you see someone pimping vaccinations, think about what might be in there and what ‘our’ government and the pharmaceutical industry are capable of.

Update 07/31/2013: Japan no longer promotes HPV vaccine according to the Tokyo Times